Polling Place Information

Selecting Polling Places

The following criteria are always considered; however, not always obtainable:

  • Availability - Permission from property owner, Limited cost to the tax payers
  • Capacity - Size of the room being used, Access to voting area, Parking
  • Proximity - Location within reason


Assigning Polling Places

The number of registered voters in a precinct/voting area determines the assignment of an approved polling place that will accommodate the voters based on its capacity and proximity to the area.
Voter turnout fluctuates based on the type of election:

  • Small elections require fewer polling places. Therefore, we consolidate voting areas to reduce the cost to tax payers.
  • Countywide elections require more polling places.
  • Presidential elections require the most polling places in order to accommodate the increased number of voters.


Polling Place Restrictions

K.S.A. 25-2413. "Disorderly election conduct is willfully:

(a) Disturbing the peace in or about any voting place on election day;

(b) leaving or attempting to leave a voting place in possession of any ballot, except as is specifically permitted by law;

(c) approaching or remaining closer than three feet to any voting booth, voting machine or table being used by an election board except as admitted for the purpose of voting or by authority of the supervising judge;

(d) interrupting, hindering or obstructing any person approaching any voting place for the purpose of voting;

(e) engaging in any of the following activities within 250 feet from the entrance of a polling place during the hours the polls are open on election day:

(1) solicitation of contributions; or

(2) conduct of advisory elections other than those specifically authorized by law, including the exercise of home rule power, to be conducted by a county election officer.

Disorderly election conduct is a class B misdemeanor."


K.S.A. 25-2430. "Electioneering at polling places is knowingly electioneering on election day within any polling place or within a radius of two hundred fifty (250) feet from the entrance thereof. As used in this section, electioneering means an attempt to persuade or influence by any means, eligible voters, to vote for or against a particular candidate, party or question submitted.

Electioneering at polling places is a class C misdemeanor.


Suggest a Site or Host a Site

If you wish to recommend a specific location as a polling place or if you are interested in allowing your facility or business to be utilized as a polling place, please e-mail us at [email protected].