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Election Connection - Upcoming 2017 Elections

General Election - November 7, 2017

Official Candidate list for Fall 2017

September 1
    Deadline for questions to be placed on the General Election ballot
    Filing and withdrawal deadline (12 noon) - Water District #1 of Johnson County (K.S.A. 25-21a03(c))
    Filing and withdrawal deadline (12 noon) - Drainage Districts - Merriam and Monticello (K.S.A. 24-414) 

October 17
    Registration books close - last day to register     (K.S.A. 25-2311(a)(3))

October 18
    Advance voting by mail begins - 20 days prior to Election Day
            (K.S.A. 25-1123(a))

October 30
    Advance voting in person begins     (K.S.A. 25-1122(g))

October 31
    Last day to request an advance ballot by mail - (K.S.A. 25-1122 (f)(1))

November 6
    Advance voting in person closes (12 noon)  (K.S.A. 25-1122(g))

November 7
    (K.S.A. 25-2107, K.S.A. 25-2502(a))

November 10
Deadline for receipt of advance ballots postmarked on or before Election Day.  (K.S.A. 25-1132)

November 13
    General Canvass     (K.S.A. 25-3104)

Polling Place Listing

Candidate List for Future Elections

Mobile Election Notification

"Where do I vote on Election Day?" In Johnson County, Kansas, your cell phone has the answer. Text VOTEKS, your address and ZIP to 74574. Within 60 seconds a return message displays your polling place name and address. See how it works.

Receive important election updates at anytime, anywhere on your cell phone, wireless PDA, pager and / or e-mail - Sign up is easy and free

Voter Notification System

Last Updated: September 28, 2017 11:11 AM

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