How to Vote a Paper Ballot

Always review your paper ballot before marking it!

         How to mark a paper ballot

  • Use black ink to darken the oval to the left of your choice. Darken the oval completely, rather than making an X or a checkmark.

  • To vote for a person, darken the oval to the left of the name of the candidate.

  • A write-in vote is allowed if a blank line is provided under the specific office. Print or write the name of your write-in choice clearly and darken the oval to the left of the write-in name.

  • To vote in favor of any question submitted upon the ballot, darken the oval to the left of the word "YES."

  • To vote against a question, darken the oval to the left of the word "NO."

  • Do not make any other marks on the ballot.

  • If you tear, deface, or wrongly mark the ballot, you may return it to the Election Office and receive a new one.

  • Place the voted ballot in the return envelope and seal securely.

  • Sign the envelope. For your ballot to be counted, by law, your signature and residence address must be on the envelope.

  • Your completed ballot must be returned by mail or hand-delivered to the Election Office. If after hours, use the drop box at the front entrance.

    • If returning in person: the ballot must be returned by 7:00 PM on Election Day to any polling place within the county or to the county election office.

    • If returning by mail: the ballot must be postmarked by Election Day and received by the Friday after the election to be eligible to be counted.

  • Ballots may not be faxed.