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How to Vote a Paper Ballot

Always review your paper ballot before marking it.

Use black ink to darken the oval to the left of your choice. Darken the oval completely, rather than making an X or a checkmark. How to mark a paper ballot

To vote for a person, darken the oval to the left of the name of the candidate.

A write-in vote is allowed if a blank line is provided under the specific office. Print or write the name of your write-in choice clearly and darken the oval to the left of the write-in name.

To vote in favor of any question submitted upon the ballot, darken the oval to the left of the word "YES".

To vote against a question, darken the oval to the left of the word "NO".

Do not make any other marks on the ballot.

If you tear, deface, or wrongly mark the ballot, you may return it to the Election Office and receive a new one.

Place the voted ballot in the return envelope and seal securely.

Sign the envelope. For your ballot to be counted, by law, your signature and residence address must be on the envelope.

Your completed ballot must be returned by mail or hand-delivered to the Election Office. If after hours, use the drop box at the front entrance.

Ballots may not be faxed.

To be counted, the ballot must be received at the Election Office before 7:00 p.m. on Election Day.

Last Updated: June 25, 2010 10:23 AM

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