November General Election - 2006

Recount Results
The Board of Canvassers convened Friday, November 17, at 9:30 a.m. at the Administration Building to certify the results for State Representative District 16 recount.

The recount results in the manner in which votes were originally counted are:
    John Dennis Kriegshauser   4,128
    Gene Rardin   4,131
    Write-In   3

Official Final - Election Results
    Winners by write-in:
    Gardner Township Clerk - Mary T. Freund
    Spring Hill Township Clerk - Max A. Strausbaugh, Sr.

Unofficial Final - Election Results

2nd Unofficial Partial - Election Results
431 of 432 precincts reporting

1st Unofficial Partial - Election Results

Candidate List

Ballot Questions
Johnson County Park and Recreation
City of Fairway
City of Gardner
City of Leawood
Blue Valley USD 229
De Soto USD 232

Statistical Data - General Election 2006

Election Results
Unofficial Partial Results
14.41% of Votes Cast
7:34 p.m.
Unofficial Final Results
100% of Votes Cast
10:26 p.m.

Total Votes Counted
Total Ballots Counted 187,379
Advance Ballots Counted 49,391
Polls Ballots Counted 134,158
Provisional Ballots Counted 3,830

Official Voter Registration
County Total 342,688
Republican Party 169,629
Democratic Party 71,320
Libertarian Party 1,856
Reform Party 227
Unaffiliated 99,656

Total Precincts
392 Voting Precincts
  40 Precincts With No Registered Voters

Voting Locations
Voting Locations
    Includes 95 locations with more than 1 precinct

Election Workers
Election Workers on Election Day
    Includes 173 Student Election Workers

Voting Machines
Advance In-Person Voting Machines 65
Election Day Voting Machines 1066

Contests and Candidate Filings
Total Contests 64
6 Question(s) Submitted
18 Judicial Retention Questions
Candidate Filings
27 Democratic Candidate Filings
31 Republican Candidate Filings
  8 Non-Partisan Candidate Filings
  13 Libertarian Candidate Filings
  3 Reform Candidate Filings
Excluding Judicial Candidates for Retention

Candidates And Write-In Positions
Candidates and Write-In Positions include "yes" and "no" choices for questions, including judicial retention. Gubernatorial running mates are counted as one candidate. 170

Races With Two Or More Candidates
Races With Two or More Candidates
  30 National, State and County Offices


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