August Primary Election - August 7, 2012

*-- Because of redistricing, a new precinct was created after the ballot files were created. Some voters were moved to this new precinct, Lenexa 1-09. Eight ballots were cast in this new precinct and the results are here (Lenexa 1-09 results PDF). These totals are not reflected in the large precinct report and should be added for final, official numbers.

Ties, Winners, and Nominations by Write-In Votes Winners elected by coin toss in Precinct Committee races "Unofficial" Election Results Official Candidate List

August 2012 Precinct Committee Candidates (PDF)

Fall Primary Election Calendar - August 7, 2012

July 17 – Last day to register
July 18 – Advance voting by mail begins
July 24 – Advance voting in person begins
Aug.  6 – Advance voting in person closes (12 noon)
Aug. 13 - Canvass
Election Results
Unofficial Partial Results - Advance
5.8% Voter Turnout
7:30 p.m.
Unofficial Final Results
17.13% Voter Turnout
9:26 p.m.
Official Final Results
17.33% Voter Turnout
4:30 p.m.
August 13

Total Votes Counted
Total Ballots Counted 64,467
Advance Ballots Counted 21,581
Polls Ballots Counted 42,234
Provisional Ballots Counted and Lenexa 1-09 652

Close of Registration - 14 Days Prior to Election Day
County Total 372,053
Americans Elect Party 2
Democratic Party 85,331
Libertarian Party 2,635
Reform Party 206
Republican Party 173,335
Unaffiliated 110,544

Total Precincts
494 Voting Precincts

Voting Locations
Advance Voting Locations 4
Polls Voting Locations

Election Workers
Election Workers at the Polls
Workers at Early Vote locations
Advance mail and office operations
Polls preparation (suitcase supplies, machines, polling place set-up)
Polls support (field supervisors, county drivers, election night teams)
Election Office staff members
      Total workers

Voting Machines
Total Voting Machines
      90 Voting Advance Voting Machines
      225 Encoder Machines
      959 Election Day Voting Machines

Contests and Candidate Filings
Total Contests
Candidate Filings by Party
      160 Democratic Candidate Filings
      619 Republican Candidate Filings
Candidate Filings by Government Level
      99 National, State, County, Township
      684 Precinct Committeemen/Committeewomen

Candidates And Write-In Positions
Candidates And Write-In Positions 2,797

Races With Two Or More Candidates
Races With Two or More Candidates
      27 National, State and County Offices
      51 Precinct Committee Offices

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