April General Election - 2002

Official Election Results
Candidate List

Ballot Question
City of Mission

Election Night Results
Unofficial Final Results On Internet
100% of Votes Cast
8:26 p.m.

Total Votes Counted
Advance Ballots Counted 1,361
Polls Ballots Counted 5,266
Supplemental Ballots Counted 31
Provisional Ballots Counted 58
Total Ballots Counted 6,716

Voter Turnout Statistics
Please Note: Johnson County's voter registration files are maintained in accordance with the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA). Under this Act, voter names cannot be removed solely for failure to vote. Voter names can be removed (1) if the voter confirms in writing that he/she has moved out of the county, or (2) the voter fails to respond to a confirmation notice AND does not appear to vote in two subsequent federal general elections following the notice. These voter records are flagged as "inactive".

Beginning August 1998, voter turnout percentages are reported based on (1) total registration (active and inactive voters), and (2) "active" registered voters.

Total Eligible Voters
8% Voter Turnout
(Based On Total Eligible Voters - Active & Inactive)
Total "Active" Registration
% Voter Turnout
(Based On Total Eligible Voters - Active Only)

Total Precincts 88

Voting Locations
Total Voting Locations
Includes 35 Voting Locations With More Than One Precinct

Election Workers
Election Workers on Election Day 227
Field Technicians on Election Day 8

Voting Machines (PC Cards)
Total PC Cards Including Advance 208
Election Day PC Cards 184

Contests and Candidates
Total Contests 22
Total Questions Submitted 1
Candidate Filings 32

Races With Two Or More Candidates
Races With Two or More Candidates 9



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