February Primary Election - 2008

Official Final Results
Unofficial Final Results (Election Night)
Unofficial Partial Results (Advance)
Candidate List
Results by Precinct

Election Night Results
Johnson County Results On Internet
7:55 p.m.

Total Votes Counted
Total Ballots Counted 676
Advance Ballots Counted 160
Polls Ballots Counted 514
Provisional Ballots Counted 2

Precincts Reporting 10

Voting Locations
Voting Locations
3 Total

Election Workers
Election Workers on Election Day 12 Total

Voting Machines
Number of Voting Machines Reporting
  2 In Person Advance Voting Machines
11 Electronic Election Day Voting Machines
13 Total

Contests and Candidate Filings
Total Contests and Questions 1
Candidate Filings 3



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