Merriam Ward 3
Special Election - June 2001

Election Results

"Shall Marsha Williams be recalled from the office of Merriam Council Member Ward 3?"

Statement of the Grounds for Recall

"Seek the recall of Marsha Williams from the office of Council Member on the grounds that she misappropriated city funds by conspiring with Councilman Nye, Glenn, and Councilwoman Snell to falsify and inflate charges for payment for Internet access from $130 to $300 each to help pay for a personal website known as "" for herself and the three other councilpersons for the purpose of promoting and coordinating their political agenda, payment of $1,200.00 made on October 27, 1999 on City of Merriam check number 059057."

Statement of the Local Officer to be Recalled

Vote to Retain MARSHA WILLIAMS Ward 3 Councilwoman. The alleged grounds for this recall election are untrue. Her record of service tells the truth. Standing Up for Ward 3
A Servant of the People

"When I became your city councilwoman, I promised to serve you with honesty and integrity. I have worked hard to do just that. Unfortunately, there are those who are working to undermine our progress, and, now, I am faced with hurtful and untrue allegations that are meant to distract us from the real issues in Merriam. Please stand with me against these destructive politics of yesterday and for a brighter future for our community. I promise to continue putting you first." - Marsha


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