De Soto USD #232
Mail Ballot Election - January 27, 2015

Official Final Results
Unofficial Final Results

Shall the following be adopted?

“Shall the Board of Education of Unified School District No. 232, Johnson County, State of Kansas, be authorized to maintain its local option budget authority at 33% of its state financial aid and this authorization be continuous and permanent?”

Jan.   6 - Last day to register KSA 25-2311
Jan.   7 - Mailing of ballots begins KSA 25-433(a)
Jan. 23 - Last day to mail replacement ballots KSA 25-433(d)
Jan. 27 - Election Day - ballots due by 12 Noon KSA 25-433(b)
Feb.   2 - Final Canvass

Last Updated: February 2, 2015 4:13 PM