City of Olathe
Mail Ballot Election - November 12, 2013

Official Final Results

Unofficial Final Results

Shall the following be adopted?

Shall the City of Olathe Kansas, pursuant to the provisions of K.S.A. 12-187, be authorized to levy a three-eighths of one percent (.375%) special purpose citywide retailers’ sales tax within the City of Olathe, Kansas; such additional tax, if approved by a majority of the electors voting thereon, to take effect on April 1, 2014, or as soon thereafter as permitted by law, and to end ten years after its commencement on March 31, 2024; the revenue from the additional tax be used for the sole purpose of financing, in whole or in part with any other funds, the cost of repairing, rebuilding, rehabilitating, upgrading and improving streets in the City of Olathe (the “Street Maintenance Program”); such program shall include the repair, reconstruction and rehabilitation of street pavement, curb and gutters, sidewalks and such other work as is necessary to maintain, repair, renew, upgrade and improve city streets; and be in addition to the one and one-eighth percent (1.125%) citywide retailers’ sales tax currently levied within the City?

Oct. 21 - Last day to apply for an advance ballot
Oct. 22 - Last day to register
Oct. 23 - Ballots mailed
Nov.   8 - Last day to mail replacement ballots
Nov. 12 - Election Day - Ballots must be returned to Election Office by 12:00 Noon.
Nov. 18 - Canvass


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