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Advance Locations: Up to 7

Ballots: Up to 1,506 ballot formats prepared per election

Voting Options - Vote in advance in person, vote in advance by mail, or vote at the polls on Election Day. (Advance voting by mail begins 20 days prior to every election. Advance voting in person locations and times will be posted prior to every election)

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Education: Speaking events

Student Elections: Work with schools to engage students to become successful election administrators themselves by running their own election to elect student offices.

Public Awareness: Fairs and events to promote the engagement of citizens. 


Election Commissioner - Connie Schmidt, CMC, CERA

Connie SchmidtConnie Schmidt was reappointed as Election Commissioner for Johnson County, Kansas on March 12, 2020.  She previously served in that capacity from September 1995 – November 2004.

She worked in local government in Johnson County for a total of 31 years and previously served as City Clerk for the City of Merriam, Kansas.  During her tenure as City Clerk, her office received two national awards - the 1991 Grand Prize, International Institute of Municipal Clerks Records Management Award and the 1991 William Olsten Award for Excellence in Records Management.  In 1993 she was named the City Clerk/Finance Officer of the Year in the State of Kansas. In 1995 she was named Citizen of the Year for the City of Merriam, Kansas.  In 1996 she received the prestigious Quill Award from the International Institute of Municipal Clerks. 

During her tenure as Election Commissioner, her office introduced many new voter outreach and education programs.  In 1996, the Johnson County Election Office was one of the first election agencies to launch a web site for voter information.  Again, in 1996, Johnson County was the first county in Kansas to post election results on the web and provide voters the opportunity to log on to the Internet to view their sample ballot and find their voting location.  In November 2000, Johnson County became the first county in the State to open satellite advance/early voting locations for 20 days prior to Election Day and also to provide an informational tool enabling voters to access their voter registration status via the Internet.  In 1999 the office transitioned from a mainframe voter registration/election management system to internal Windows-based software, with integration to GIS software in 2002.  Also in 2002 the Johnson County Election Office became one of the first offices nationwide to implement a countywide touch screen voting system for early voting in person and Election Day polling places. This system was upgraded to the latest model in another system implementation in late September 2004.

The Johnson County Kansas Election Office received numerous awards, including (1) 1997 IACREOT Money Savings Ideas Contest; (2) 1997 NACO Achievement Award for its civic education and public information program entitled “Promoting Voting – Student and Community Outreach”; (3) “Best of the Web” in the January 1998 issue of Government Technology magazine; (4) “Digital Government Award of Excellence” July 1998; (5) 1999 NACO Achievement Award for its bi-state public/private partnership program to recruit election workers, entitled “Making Voting Popular”; (6) Honorable Mention, Best Professional Practices, The Election Center, for development of a non-partisan, non-profit Celebration of Patriotism Foundation; (7) 2001 NACO Achievement Award, Civic Education and Public Information, for implementation of Celebration of Patriotism Foundation; (8) 2002 NACIO Superior Award for her testimony before the House Administration Committee which focused on national election reform; (9) 2002 NACRC Best Practices Award for the “Celebrate the Vote” program (10) 2004 NACIO Meritorious Award for election office informational brochures, 2004 NACIO Meritorious Award for “White Paper – Voting Systems in Johnson County, Kansas”, 2004 NACIO Meritorious Award for “Implementing a Voting System from a Local Election Administrator’s Viewpoint” publication, and 2004 NACIO Excellence Award for “2002-2003 Progress Report” annual report.

At the national level, she served as the chair of the Professional Education Program Certification Board for The Election Center, and as a member of the NASED Voting Systems Standards Board.  At the state level, she served as a member of the State of Kansas HAVA Implementation Committee.  In December 2004 she received the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) Medallion Award for outstanding service to American democracy. In August 2005 she received a Lifetime Membership Award from The Election Center, Inc., and in August 2007 she received the Election Hall of Fame Award from The Election Center, Inc.

Since 2005 she has owned and managed an election consulting business and has provided services to local, state and federal government, including the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC).  She served as the co-project manager for the EAC’s Election Management Guidelines and Quick Start Guides, and also served as the principal consultant for the EAC’s Best Practices in Poll Worker Recruitment, Training and Retention.  She has served as a consultant for The Election Center, Inc., including management of their State Registered Election Official (REO) training program, and has served as an instructor for the State REO training program and as an instructor for the Center’s national CERA (Certified Election and Registration Administrator) program. She recently served part time as Sr. Writer/Editor for the U.S. Election Assistance Commission from October 2013 – May 2016.