How to Vote a Touch Screen Ballot

  • When you arrive at your polling place or advance voting location, have your government-issued Photo ID ready. Check in at the registration table, hand your Photo ID to the Election Official, and give your name and address to the Election Official.
  • After you have been checked in, you will be escorted to a voting machine by a machine judge
  • The machine judge will hand you an unmarked ballot. 
  • To begin voting, insert the blank ballot card into the activation slot.
  • The machine judge will scan the ballot ticket receipt from the pollbook and confirm your precinct number to the precinct number that appears on the first screen of the voting machine.
  • The machine judge will review how to use the machine with you and answer any questions you may have.
  • If there are no additional questions, the machine judge will press activate and leave to deposit your ballot ticket in a ballot ticket bag.
    • To vote, touch the circle on the screen to select your candidate.
    • To change your vote, touch a different candidate or selection.
    • Touch "Next" to advance to the next page.
    • Touch "Previous" to go back.
    • If you need additional assistance, raise your hand and one or more machine judge(s) will assist you.


Write-In Instructions:

  • At the end of any contest where write-ins are allowed, there will be a circle with “write-in” beside it. The number of write-ins allowed is equal to the number of candidates to be elected.
  • Touch a circle to activate the write-in screen. A keyboard will appear on the screen.
  • Touch the letters to spell your write-in candidate's name. Touch the "backspace" key to correct any errors.
  • Touch "Accept" to finish your selection. Touch "Cancel" to cancel your selection.
  • Your write-in selection will appear on the ballot screen. If you need to make a correction, touch the selection to return to the write-in keyboard and make corrections to the write-in name.


At the Summary Screen, review your choices prior to pushing the "Print Ballot" button:

  • A green check mark will appear next to the races that were voted; this indicates the correct number of candidates have been selected for the race.
  • A Yellow Circle with an exclamation point next to a race indicates that you did not vote for a candidate or issue.
  • To go back, touch the race and make your selection. When you have finished, you will be taken back to the summary screen.
  • Once you have verified all your choices, touch “Print Ballot”
  • The ballot will be printed and ejected from the voting machine for your review.
  • Once you have verified your choices, re-insert the ballot into the machine when the yellow screen appears.


Touch "Cast Votes" when you are ready to record your vote:

  • Touch the “Cast Votes” button to submit your ballot.
  • A green check mark will display on the screen once your ballot has been accepted.
  • Do not leave the voting machine until you see the green check mark.
  • Your vote has been cast. Exit the polling place and receive your "I Voted" sticker.