How to Vote a Touch Screen Ballot

  • When you arrive at your polling place or advance voting location, check in at the registration table and give your name and address to the Election Official.
  • You will receive a 2-part Voter Receipt indicating your precinct number. Take this receipt to the Voter Card table.
  • You will then be escorted to a voting machine by a machine judge.
  • The machine judge will confirm your precinct number on your Voter Receipt with the precinct number that appears on the first screen of the voting computer.
  • The machine judge will deposit your Voter Receipt into an envelope which is attached to the booth.
  • Read the "Instructions to Voters" on the first screen.
  • Touch "Start" when ready to begin voting:
  • To vote, touch the screen on a candidate or issue.
  • To change your vote, touch the candidate again to undo your mark.
  • Touch "Next" to advance to the next page.
  • Touch "Previous" to go back.

Write-In Instructions:

  • At the end of any contest where write-ins are allowed, there will be empty boxes equal to the number of candidates to be elected.
  • Touch an empty box to activate the write-in screen. A keyboard will appear on the screen.
  • Touch the letters to spell your write-in candidate's name. Touch the "back" key to correct any errors.
  • Touch "Record Write-in" to finish your selection. Touch "Cancel" to cancel your selection.
  • Your write-in selection will appear on the ballot screen. If you need to make a correction, touch the selection to clear the write-in box.

At the Summary Screen, review your choices prior to pushing the "Cast Ballot" button:

  • Red highlighted races indicate that you did not vote for a candidate or issue.
  • To go back, touch a race or touch "Review Ballot"

Touch "Cast Ballot" when you are ready to record your vote:

  • When your vote has been recorded and your voter card has been ejected, remove the card.
  • Return the card to the Election Worker and receive your "I Voted" sticker.