Ballot Information

Sample Ballot / Polling Place Locations

Sample ballot and polling place locator screen is available on our Election Office website during countywide elections, beginning 20 days prior to the election. Registered voters can type in their name and date of birth, and receive a listing of candidates that will appear on their ballot along with the location of their polling place on Election Day.


Rotation of Candidate Names on Ballot

Kansas law requires that candidate names be rotated by precinct. Note: Precinct Committee persons, 3rd Class Cities and Drainage District candidates are not rotated. The rotation formula begins with the county in alphabetical order by city, ward, and precinct (CWP) and candidates for a given contest in alphabetical order. CWP's for the contest are identified, including the number of eligible voters per precinct. Total eligible voters are divided by the number of candidates to determine the number of voters in each rotation. The initial rotation sequence is in candidate alphabetical order.


Write-In Candidates

When a voter chooses to vote for a write-in candidate not printed on the ballot, each write-in candidate must be individually reviewed to determine eligibility status. The list of write-in candidates will be available after the election canvass on Monday following Election Day.


Provisional Ballots

Provisional ballots are voted when a voter's registration is in question, or when our records indicate the voter was already sent an advance ballot. Provisional ballots are sealed in special envelopes at the polls and must be individually researched and verified at the Election Office prior to presenting them to the Board of Canvassers.

You may find out whether your ballot was counted, and if not why. Call the Johnson County Election Office at (913) 715-6800 or call toll free at 1-866-700-VOTE.