Touchless Voting

The Election Office is taking steps to keep voters and election workers safe and healthy at in-person voting locations in August and November.

  • Touchless Voting: Each voter will be provided with a single-use pen/stylus that can be used to sign the electronic poll book and mark a touchscreen or traditional paper ballot. Voters will handle and scan their own photo ID while checking in instead of handing their photo ID to an election worker. Voters are encouraged to limit the number of surfaces they touch while voting.
  • Personal Protective Equipment: Election workers will be provided with masks and will be separated from voters by plexiglass shields. Hand sanitizer will be provided for use by voters and election workers. Voters are encouraged to wear masks and wash their hands before and after voting.
  • Physical Distancing: Voters, election workers, and voting equipment will be appropriately distanced.
  • Signage: Additional signage will be deployed at every in-person voting location to help voters navigate the new “mark, verify, scan” voting process quickly and safely.